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my four lions

My Four Lions
text by Bernice Gold
illustrations by Joanne Stanbridge
Annick Press
ISBN 1-55037-6020 pbk $7.95
ISBN 1-55037-6039 hc $17.95



A young boy comes home from school to an empty apartment, where his paper lions transform themselves into strong and loving companions.



Best Bets for 1999 (Ontario Library Association)



“Stanbridge’s gorgeous watercolours show reality on the left page and an irresistible dreamworld on the right.” Macleans, Nov 22, 1999.

“Stanbridge’s wonderful pictures make this book successful…The illustrator’s use of contrast—cold versus warm colours, empty versus filled spaces—effectively lets the viewer enter the world of the solitary child hero.” St. Catharine’s Standard, Oct 26, 1999.

“Stanbridge makes a promising artistic debut…The contrast between the still, gray apartment and the animated lions crowding around a campfire plays up the boy’s transformative imagination.” Publisher’s Weekly, Nov 15, 1999.

"Illustrator Joanne Stanbridge does a fantastic job of showing both sides of the story, devoting one page to the reality the boy faces--small paper lions and pencils used as pretend firewood--and the next to his imaginative dreams of four gigantic smiling lions gobbling pizza next to a roaring campfire."  Halifax Daily News, Dec. 5, 1999, p. 42.

"Highly recommended." Read the complete review on-line in CM (Canadian Materials) January 7, 2000.